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Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to eat the correct way again?

Do you want to just really feel good?

In terms of your health, do you want a chance to have a long

and satisfied life?

About me

Hello!  My name is Jeanne A. Poulin.  About 18 years ago,  I developed a great desire to

help myself,  my family,  and my patients to become more healthy in their over-all daily eating

habits,  keeping their bodies cleansed and to pass their knowledge onto others. 

I went to school in 2004,  in Apple Valley,  California to become a nutritionist and a colon

hydrotherapist and I have had hands-on training throughout the years since then.  I moved to

Forest Grove,  Oregon from So. California a few years back and I am now ready to start my

business.  I am the only Colon Hydrotherapist in Washington County, Oregon that belongs

to I-ACT which is the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy,  worldwide.

When both my Mom and Dad came down with Cancer in their latter years, along with my

Mom developing Lou Gehrigs Disease (ALS), something didn't seem right that this should

happen to both of them.

Growing up,  Mom was such a good cook. .Both fruit and vegetables were fresh,  from the trees and

the ground with no pesticides.. All five of us would eat around the table, no TV, we would visit with

each other as we ate.  And sometimes we would laugh. .My Mom would take us to the local little

market (it was more like a hole in the wall) to purchase our meat. .It was cut and wrapped right in front

of us. .I remember watching him.  Fresh organic meat like chicken, hamburger, lamb chops and

roasts. .We hardly ate Pork.  Sometimes, my Dad would go fishing and pheasant hunting. . Both of these

were treats and our freezers were overloaded, along with fresh ice cream but the ice cream wasn't

used daily.  My Dad had such an obsession with his fruit trees that filled a very large yard (about 1/4 of an acre).

Pecan trees,  Avocado trees,  fruit beyond imagination and homemade bread.. My Grandmother would bring in fresh

veggies,  which is another story in itself but I will shorten it up by saying my Grandmother lived to be almost 103.

She ate from the ground all her life but she also had home care in her latter years. .We were all so healthy.

This was during the 1950's.  We had our candy (no preservatives) but Mom would put them up on the top shelf in the

kitchen cupboard. .She was smart about us but she wasn't smart about herself because she used chemicals. .You will learn

about this at the seminars.

For the children in this family the situation continued for 15 years, that is, until the infamous fast food chains moved

into the neighborhood.  It was now time for the kids in this family to move on. .We all got married and had our carreers.

Unfortunately,  the little market died out,  and my Mom's healthy meals died out. .They got lazy.  It was easier to go down the street to

pick up fast food from Mcdonalds!. And so the people died out. .They were not being careful enough with the additives, chemicals,

preservatives, pesticides and unsafe prescriptions.

SHOCK!!!! Dad developed Colon, Liver and Kidney Cancer. .The cancer came from eating poorly and being exposed to

very bad pesticides and poisons.. After being diagnosed,  he died so quickly.  He didn't know what hit him.  Mom developed

Uterine Cancer from very unsafe prescriptions.. She was healed through surgery.  Then, Lou Gehrig's Disease hit her next.. She suffered 18 years

unnecessarily.. She couldn't eat any longer.. She died not not even being able to move a muscle in her body.. All of

this from pesticides!!!  My Mom didn't deserve this.. She was a wonderful, sweet and kind person. .If they would have

kept up the same routine and kept it safe for themselves like it had been 20-25 years before that, they would have had many more

healthy years to live like my grandmother did, with a long and satisfied life with no pain just passing away in the

middle of the night.

I know it would have been my parent's desire to pass on the health knowledge so that people would not have suffered like

they did.. I learned from their sufferings!!  I was committed not to live like them in my older years!!  I want to pass the

knowlege on.  Please come to the seminars to learn along with recieving colon hydrotheray. .With much concern for the people of this community.

Mrs. Jeanne A. Poulin

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In order to have Colon hydrotherapy,  you must attend seminars I and II